The ignition switch with a mechanical lock and an electrical contact part is located on the right side of the steering column under the steering wheel

The electrical contact part of the switch and the locking device are interconnected and work synchronously and are driven by the ignition key

Checking the ignition lock consists in checking the closure of the contacts at various key positions and the operation of the anti-theft device

To check the contact group, you need to use the tester in the “continuity” mode of the circuit

Check the locking mechanism

Make sure the steering wheel lock is working properly

Fig. 1. Removing the ignition lock cylinder

Set the ignition key to the "ACC" position.

Press the locking pin with a thin rod or screwdriver and remove the lock cylinder (fig. 1).

Before installing the lock cylinder, check that the lock cylinder is in the "ACC" position.

Sink the lock cylinder into the body.

Remove the key and make sure the cylinder is firmly seated in the housing.

Insert the key again and make sure the lock works in all the switching positions.

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