The front suspension is independent, McPherson linkage spring type, with telescopic shock absorber struts, coil springs, lower wishbones and anti-roll bar

The main elements of the front suspension are telescopic shock absorber struts, which combine the functions of telescopic elements of the guide mechanism and damping elements of the vibrational oscillations of the wheels relative to the body.

A coil spring, a compression buffer and an upper support assembly with a bearing are assembled on each shock absorber strut, through which the load is transferred to the car body.

Front suspension: 1, 6 - suspension struts; 2 - anti-roll bar struts; 3 - ball bearing; 4 - lower arm; 5 - bar of the anti-roll bar; 7 - knuckle

The shock absorber strut is connected with two bolts to the steering knuckle 7.

The steering knuckle, in turn, is connected to the lower suspension arm 4 by a ball joint 3.

The lower arms are attached to the subframe using silent blocks of the front support and rubber-metal bushings of the rear support

The subframe, in turn, is attached to the side members of the body.

The bar 5 of the anti-roll bar with rubber bushings installed on it is connected to the subframe with two brackets, and with the shock absorber struts of the front suspension - struts 2 of the stabilizer.

The front wheel hubs are mounted in the steering knuckles 7 on double-row angular contact ball bearings.

Possible malfunctions of the front suspension and solutions

Noise and knocking when the car is moving:

  • - weakening of the fastening to the body of the anti-roll bar brackets and its struts to the lower suspension arm - tighten the threaded connections;
  • - wear of the rubber elements of the stabilizer and its struts - replace worn parts;
  • - wear of the rubber element of the upper support of the shock strut - replace the upper support of the shock strut;
  • - wear of the lower ball joint or steering rod joints - replace worn joints;
  • - breakage of the front suspension spring - replace the spring;
  • - destruction of shock strut compression buffer - replace compression buffer;
  • - unacceptable imbalance of the front wheels - balance the wheels

Avoiding a car from a straight line on a horizontal road:

  • - unequal air pressure in tires - set normal air pressure in tires;
  • - violation of the angles of installation of the longitudinal inclination of the axis of rotation of the front wheels - Adjustment of the angles of the longitudinal inclination of the axis of rotation of the front wheels on the car is not provided.

If the angle values are not within the allowable ranges, it is necessary to tighten all the fasteners of the front suspension and replace the damaged or worn parts;

  • - violation of the camber angles of the front wheels - the same as in the previous paragraph;
  • - unequal spring settlement - replace the springs;
  • - significant difference in tire tread wear - replace the worn tire;
  • - uneven stiffness of the tire bead - move the tire to the other side

Increased uneven tire tread wear:

  • - the angles of convergence and installation of the front wheels are violated - adjust the convergence and eliminate the causes of violation of the angles;
  • - increased wear of the lower ball joints, steering rod joints and suspension silent blocks - replace worn parts;
  • - unacceptable wheel imbalance - balance the wheels;
  • - the body is deformed. Damaged suspension parts - repair or replace the body and suspension parts;
  • - shock strut operation is broken - replace the shock strut