Adjusting and checking the headlights must be carried out on an equipped vehicle, with a fully filled fuel tank, a set of tools and a spare wheel

Before checking, you need to check and, if necessary, bring the air pressure in the tires to normal

We install the car perpendicular to a smooth wall (for example, in a garage) at a distance of three meters

An additional weight of 75 kg must be placed on the driver's seat.

Adjusting car headlights

Let's mark the screen on the wall, as shown in the picture

The longitudinal plane of symmetry of the car must pass along line 0 on the screen

Vertical lines 1 and 2 are equidistant from line 0

The distance (a) between lines 1 and 2 must be equal to the distance between the centers of the dipped beam lamps.

Rock the car from the side to set the suspension springs

We measure the height of the headlight centers from the floor on the car. This will be the distance h on the screen

Set the headlight electrocorrector control on the instrument panel to the position corresponding to the load of the car with one driver

Turn on low beam

It is recommended to adjust the direction of the light spot for each headlight separately.

Toyota Camry headlight check and adjustment

We close the second headlight with an opaque material during adjustment

Position of the headlamp adjusting screw for correct vertical alignment of the light beam

Open the hood by turning the adjusting screws with a screwdriver, adjust the position on the screen of the light spot for each headlight horizontally and vertically, if the location of the light spots does not match the picture

Headlights are considered adjusted when the upper borders of the left parts of the light spots coincide with line 4, and the vertical lines 1 and 2 pass through the points (E1) and (E2) of the intersection of the horizontal and inclined sections of the light spots

If fog lights are installed on the car, then the direction of their beam of light must be adjusted only in height.

Turning the adjusting screw, we achieve that the upper borders of the light spots are on line 4 or slightly below it.