Replacing and checking the front shock strut Mazda 3

Remove the wheel speed sensor mounting bolt. Loosen the brake hose bracket bolt.

Remove the stabilizer bar nut and the lower shock absorber bolt

Fig. 1 Components of the front shock absorber strut: 1 - connector of the wiring harness of the wheel speed sensor of the anti-lock braking system; 2 - brake hose; 3 - the upper nut of the stabilizer strut; 4 – a tip of steering draft; 5 – the bottom bolt of the shock-absorber; 6 – the top nut of the shock-absorber; 7 - stiffening element; 8 - shock absorber and coil spring; 9 - piston rod nut; 10 - rubber support; 11 - bearing; 12 - protective cover; 13 - compression stroke buffer; 14 - cylindrical spring; 15 - Front Shock

Remove the dynamic damper. Unscrew the shock absorber fork bolt.

Loosen, but do not completely unscrew, the three nuts securing the top cover of the shock absorber strut.

Remove the shock absorber assembly and fix it on a special stand.

Cover the spring with a cloth and install the special tools.

Fig. 2 Removing the damper rod nut

Compress the spring with the tool and unscrew the damper rod nut (fig. 2).


Check the shock absorber for damage and oil leakage.

Check the rubber bush for signs of damage or wear.

Extend and push in the damper rod at least three times.

Make sure that the resistance force does not change and that there is no unusual noise.

If there is a problem, replace the shock absorber. Push in the damper rod and release it.

Fig. 3 Checking the damper free play

Make sure the stem extends fully at normal speed (fig. 3).


Temporarily install the coil spring, boot and rubber mount on the shock absorber so that the lower edge of the coil spring fits on the lug of the lower spring cup.

Fig. 4 Marking the shock absorber components

Mark the coil spring, protective boot and rubber support for proper installation as shown in fig. 4.

Align the marks of the coil spring and the protective boot.

Wrap a piece of cloth around the coil spring and protective cover, then install the special tools.

Fig. 5 Coil Spring Compression

Compress the coil spring using the special tools (fig. 5).

Install the damper so that the lower end of the coil spring fits on the lug of the lower spring cup.

Make sure the marks on the shock absorber and the protective boot match.

Install the rubber support and piston rod nut, then remove the special tools. Piston rod nut tightening torque: 39.2 - 52.9 Nm.

Fig. 6 Installation of threaded rods: 1 - outer side; 2 - left side; 3 - before; 4 - right side; 5 - outer side; 6 - installation position of the stabilizer strut; 7 - damper projection

Install the threaded studs at an angle of 27-33° relative to the stabilizer link (center line), towards the inside of the vehicle (fig. 6).

Fig. 7 Installing the shock absorber fork: 1 - dynamic damper; 2 - labels

Install the shock absorber fork and align it with the marks along with the dynamic damper (fig. 7).

Tighten the bolt fork. Install the rest of the components in the reverse order of removal