Removing and installing Mazda 3 connecting shaft

The components of the front drive shaft are shown in fig. 1

Preliminary check of intermediate shaft

Check that the connecting shaft is not twisted or cracked

Fig. 1. Components of the front drive shaft: 1 - ball joint of the tie rod end; 2 - bolt; 3 - ball joint of the lower arm (front, rear); 4 – a rack of the stabilizer of cross stability; 5 - brake caliper; 6 - wheel hub assembly; 7 - wheel hub, steering knuckle and drive shaft; 8 – a bolt of an arm of a connecting shaft; 9 - connecting shaft; 10 - clamp; 11 - hub axle

Turn the connecting shaft by hand and check the smooth rotation of the bearing (fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Checking the connecting shaft

Replace the shaft if necessary.

Performing the following procedures without first removing the anti-lock braking system wheel speed sensor may result in an open circuit in the wiring harness if the harness is taut by mistake.

Before performing the following operations, remove the anti-lock braking system wheel speed sensor (body side) and mount it in a suitable location where the sensor will not be mistakenly damaged during maintenance.


Drain the gearbox oil.

Remove the anti-lock brake sensor.

Fig. 3. Removing the tie rod end

Using the special tool, remove the tie rod end ball joint (fig. 3).

Fig. 4 Removing the lower arm ball joint

Using the special tool, remove the lower arm ball joint (fig. 4).

Fig. 5. Removing the brake caliper

Remove the brake caliper and hang it on a wire (fig. 5).

Fig. 6. Fitting the Side Gear Holding Tool

Install the special tool to hold the side gear after removing the connecting shaft to the gearbox.

Remove and install other components in the reverse order of removal.

Fig. 7. Installing the new clamp on the connecting shaft

Before installing, put a new clamp on the connecting shaft with the slot facing upwards (fig. 7)

Sharp edges of the connecting shaft can cut or pierce the gland.

Be careful when separating the connecting shaft from the gearbox. Pull the connecting shaft straight out.

After installation, measure the outer diameter.

If it is too high, reinstall with a new clip. Maximum outer diameter: 31.2 mm.


Remove the right front wheel drive assembly

Mazda 3 connecting shaft replacement

Using a 17 mm socket wrench, unscrew the three bolts securing the intermediate support to the cylinder block

Mazda 3 connecting shaft replacement

On vehicles with a 2.0 engine, the intermediate support is attached to the cylinder block bracket with two bolts

Mazda 3 connecting shaft replacement

Carefully (trying not to damage the shaft splines, the gearbox oil seal) remove the shaft from the gearbox and remove it

The intermediate bearing (the most wear part of the intermediate shaft) can be replaced separately

Install parts in reverse order