Pull out the parking brake lever (fig. 1) several times.

Depress the brake pedal several times.

Parking brake circuit: 1 - parking brake switch; 2 - adjusting nut; 3 - parking brake lever; 4 - clamp; 5 - parking brake cables

Check the stroke of the parking brake lever by pulling the parking brake lever with a force equal to 98 N. The stroke of the piston is 3-6 clicks.

Adjusting the parking brake

Start the engine and press the brake pedal several times.

Stop the engine.

Open the cover of the cup holders located on the lining of the floor tunnel

Mazda 3 Handbrake Adjustment

Lower the parking brake lever down

Mazda 3 Handbrake Adjustment

Use a thin screwdriver to pry off and remove the plug

Mazda 3 Handbrake Adjustment

By turning the adjusting nut with a socket wrench by 10, we increase or decrease the tension of the parking brake cables, depending on what is needed: decrease or increase the number of clicks of the lever stroke

If you cannot adjust the parking brake (the number of clicks is more than 6), the parking brake cables are most likely stretched or broken, and they need to be replaced

After the parking brake is properly adjusted, we hang out the rear wheels and make sure that when the lever is released, the wheels rotate freely and the brake pads do not touch the brake discs, and when the lever is raised, both wheels are locked

After adjusting, do the following:

  • - turn the ignition key to the ON position, pull the parking brake lever one click and check that the parking brake warning light comes on;
  • - make sure the rear brakes are not blocking the wheels.