Removing and installing rear brake mechanism Mazda 3

Remove the parking brake cable.

Disconnect the brake line

Remove the brake shoe (outer side) from the support.

Fig. 1. Components of the rear brake mechanism: 1 - parking brake cable; 2 - brake line; 3 - clamp; 4 - clamp; 5 - cover; 6 - bolt; 7 - caliper, brake hose; 8 - case; 9 - brake hose; 10 - support; 11 – block of a brake disk; 12 - bolt; 13 - support; 14 - brake disc
Fig. 2. Removing the brake pad

Pull the brake disc pad (inner side) in the direction of the arrow to remove it from the caliper as shown in picture 2

Fig. 3. Marking the wheel hub and brake disc

Make a match mark on the wheel hub and brake disc (fig. 3)

Remove the brake disc.


Remove rust and dirt from the contact surface of the brake disc and wheel hub.

Align the marks made before removal and install the brake disc on the wheel hub.

Mount the brake shoe (outer side) on the support.

Clean the exposed part of the piston.

Fig. 4. Installing the Brake Piston

Slowly rotating the piston clockwise using a special tool, push it completely inward (Fig. 4).

Fig. 5. Brake Shoe Spring Installation Diagram

Align the brake shoe spring (inner side) with the groove of the piston, and insert it in the direction of the arrow (fig. 5)

Install the brake shoe (inner side) into the caliper.

Install the rest of the components in the reverse order of removal.

After installation, press the brake pedal a few times and check the following:

  • - piston stroke of the parking brake lever;
  • - sticking the brake.