The engine electrical system uses a distributorless ignition system

In addition, a new generator was installed without a voltage regulator, with a built-in powerful transistor

The ignition system uses a coaxial gear starter and an iridium spark plug (fig. 1).

Fig.1. Working components of the electrical equipment of the Mazda 3 car engine: 1 - spark plug; 2 - generator; 3 - high-voltage wire; 4 - ignition coil; 5 - starter; 6 - Battery

Charging system

Fig. 2. Generator: 1 - generator; 2 - heat-insulating screen of the generator; 3 - generator air duct

As already mentioned, the charging system does not use a voltage regulator, the alternator is controlled by the PCM.

The generator air duct is made of plastic, the metal thermal insulation of the generator protects the generator from the high temperature of the exhaust manifold (Fig. 2; 3).

Fig.3. generator connection diagram: 1 - stator winding; 2 - generator; 3 - transistor; 4 - block PCM; 5 - ignition switch; 6 – a control lamp of a charge of the accumulator battery; 7 - Battery

Ignition coil

Fig.4. Ignition coil: 1 - ignition coil - top view; 2 - secondary conclusions; 3 - ignition coil - side view; 4 - ignition coil; 5 - PCM block

The ignition coil has two windings. For cylinders 1 and 4, and cylinders 2 and 3 respectively (matched pairs).

The two secondary leads contain the positive and negative leads of the secondary windings.

A closed circuit of the secondary windings consists of high voltage wires, two spark plugs and a cylinder head.

As a result, one coil provides two cylinders.

The ignition pulse is generated by the built-in ignition system of the PCM (fig. 4).

Spark Plug

Iridium spark plug used.

The central electrode has a diameter of 0.6 mm and is made of an iridium alloy.

Fig. 5. Spark plug: 1 - iridium alloy; 2 - platinum tip

The thinner center electrode allowed for reduced electrical discharge and improved ignition performance. which, in turn, made it possible to ensure stable performance under all driving conditions and significantly improve fuel efficiency (Fig. 5.).


Fig.6. starter circuit: 1 - ignition switch; 2 - battery; 3 - holding winding; 4 - retracting winding; 5 - electric motor

The starter has a coaxial gearbox that provides high torque (Fig. 6).