Disassembling and assembling the compressor overrunning clutch

Disassemble in the order shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1. Disassembly of the overrunning clutch: 1 - bolt; 2 - pressure plate; 3 - gasket; 4 - retaining ring; 5 – a pulley of the compressor of an air conditioning system; 6 - screw; 7 - collar; 8 - screw; 9 - stator and thermal protection device; 10 - air conditioning compressor housing

Removing the freewheel bolt

When removing and installing the bolt, hold the pressure plate as shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 2. Removing the overrunning clutch bolt: 1 - bolt; 2 - compressor

When installing a new air conditioning compressor, replace the bolt.

Fig. 3. Removing the sealant from the compressor side

After removing the stator and thermal protector, completely remove the sealant from the air conditioning compressor side (fig. 3).

Before installing, apply approximately 1g of silicone sealant (KE-347W sealant or similar) to the contact surface of the heat protector, then carefully install it on the air conditioning compressor without leaving any gaps.

When installing a new stator and thermal protector, replace the screw.

When mounting a new stator and thermal protector, replace the clamp.

Fig. 4. Retaining ring replacement diagram

When installing a new pressure plate, air conditioning compressor pulley, stator or compressor housing, replace the circlip (fig. 4).

Freewheel adjustment

Fig. 5. Measuring the clearance around the circumference between the pressure plate and the compressor pulley: 1 - compressor pulley; 2 - pressure plate

Measure the circumferential clearance between the pressure plate and the air conditioning compressor pulley using a thickness gauge (fig. 5).

Make sure the clearance is correct.

Fig. 6. Installing a new gasket between the pressure plate and the compressor pulley

If this is not the case, remove the pressure plate and adjust the gap by selecting a 0.2-0.5 mm shim or several shims (Fig. 6).

Checking the A/C compressor freewheel

Fig. 7. Scheme for supplying voltage from the positive terminal of the battery to the terminal (A) of the magnetic coupling

Apply voltage from the positive battery terminal to terminal (A) of the magnetic coupling, and connect the air conditioning compressor housing to body ground (Fig. 7).

Fig. 8. Conductivity Test Diagram

If the test shows no continuity, replace the stator and thermal protector (fig. 8).