Disconnect the negative cable from the battery

Discharge the coolant

Remove the right mudguard and mudguard

Turn the center of the tensioner pulley clockwise to loosen the drive belt

Loosen the drive belt and remove the belt (see Mazda 3 Drive Belt)

When moisture or impurities enter the cooling circuit, the cooling capacity of the circuit is reduced and abnormal noise is heard.

Always plug open fittings after removing any parts of the refrigeration circuit to prevent moisture or impurities from entering the circuit.

Fig. 3. Removing the air conditioning compressor: 1 - top cooler hose; 2 - cooler hose No. 4 (cars with left-hand drive); 3 - magnetic clutch connector; 4 - air conditioning compressor

Remove in the order shown in Figure 3.

Install in the reverse order of removal.

Adjust the tension of the drive belt.

Perform performance testing of the air conditioning system.