Removing and installing Mazda 3 condenser

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Discharge the coolant.

Drain the engine coolant.

Remove the intake duct cover.

Remove the intake duct (Z6).

Remove the air filter (LF).

Fig. 1 Condenser: 1 - cooler hose No. 1; 2 - cooler hose No. 2; 3 - Capacitor

Remove the mudguard.

Drain the automatic transmission fluid (models with automatic transmission).

Disconnect the refrigerant tube (upper) and refrigerant hose. Avoid spilling compressor oil residue from the refrigeration line.

If moisture or impurities enter the cooling circuit, the cooling capacity of the circuit will be reduced, and abnormal noise will be heard.

Always plug open fittings after removing any parts of the refrigeration circuit. Disconnect the radiator hose from the radiator.

Disconnect the oil hose from the oil cooler (models with automatic transmission).

Remove the cooling fan.

Remove the oil cooler (models with automatic transmission).

Remove the heatsink with the condenser installed.

Retract the hook of the radiator and pull out the condenser, being careful not to spill any remaining oil from the condenser.


Install in the reverse order of removal. Perform a performance test on the refrigeration circuit.

After replacing the condenser, add compressor oil to the refrigeration circuit.

Amount of oil to add (approximate amount): 20 ml.

Checking the Capacitor

Check the condenser for damage and oil leakage.

If there is a problem, replace the capacitor.

Visually inspect the plates for deposits.

If there are deposits, remove them.

Visually inspect the plates for bending. If bending is found, straighten the plates with a flat head screwdriver.