Checking the clearance in the front wheel bearing

  • - Remove the front wheel.
  • - Disconnect front left disc brake caliper.
  • - Remove the front disc.
Fig. 1 Checking the clearance in the front wheel bearing

Mount the dial indicator against the wheel hub (fig. 1).

While moving the wheel hub manually in the axial direction, measure the clearance in the hub bearing. Maximum: 0.05 mm.

If the clearance exceeds the maximum, replace the bearing.

Checking the clearance in the front wheel bearing

Remove the hub bolt using the special tools.

Fig. 2 Part of the casing to be folded

If the guard prevents the removal of the wheel hub bolt, give the part shown in figure 2 a few light blows with a chisel and bend it back towards the steering knuckle.

Install the bolt into the wheel hub, install the washer and nut onto the hub bolt.

Fig. 3 Tightening the wheel hub nuts: 1 – hub bolt; 2 – wheel nuts; 3 - brass rod; 4 - puck

Tighten the mounting nuts while holding the wheel hub with a brass rod (fig. 3).

Removing and installing the front wheel hub

Fig. 4 Knocking out the collar of the wheel hub locknut

Knock out the bent part of the locknut with a small chisel and hammer (fig. 4).

Lock the hub by pressing the brake.

Remove the locknut.

Fig. 5 Removing the wheel hub from the drive shaft

Place the hub assembly in a vise.

Remove the wheel hub from the drive shaft using special tools (fig. 5).

If the bearing inner race is left on the wheel hub axle, cut through the bearing inner race to the remaining thickness, (approximately 0.5 mm).

Fig. 6 Removing the bearing inner race

After that, remove the ring with a chisel (fig. 6).

Fig. 7 Removing the wheel bearing

Remove the wheel bearing using the special tools (fig. 7)

Fig. 8 Hub and steering knuckle markings

Mark the protective cover and knuckle for further installation (Fig. 8)

Fig. 9 Removing the hub guard

Using a chisel, remove the protective cover (Fig. 9).

Fig. 10 Removing the hub bolts

Install the hub in the press and remove the bolts (fig. 10).

Hub bolts should only be removed if they are to be replaced

Installing the front wheel hub

Fig. 11 Installing new hub bolts

Install the new hub bolts using a press (fig. 11).

Fig. 12. Aligning the marks on the new guard and steering knuckle

Install the cover on the steering knuckle.

Align the marks on the new guard and knuckle (fig. 12).

Fig. 13 Fitting the new guard

Using the special tools, install the new protective cover (fig. 13).

Fig. 14 Fitting a new wheel bearing

Using special tools, install a new wheel bearing (Fig. 14)

Fig. 15 Installing the hub

Install the hub using special tools (fig. 15)

Fig. 16 Fitting a New Hub Locknut

Install the new locknut and lock it as shown in Figure 16