Drain the engine oil.

Remove the oil pan.

Remove the oil strainer.

Replacing the oil pump on a Mazda 3

Disconnect the negative battery cable

Remove the oil pump chain guide.

Remove the oil pump chain tensioner.

Remove the oil pump chain tensioner spring.

Remove the oil pump chain.

Remove the oil pump sprocket

Remove the oil pump.

Oil pump components: 1 - oil strainer; 2 - oil pump chain guide; 3 - oil pump chain tensioner; 4 - spring of the oil pump chain tensioner; 5 - oil pump chain; 6 - oil pump sprocket; 7 - oil pump; 8 - bolts

Install in the reverse order of removal.

Check the engine oil level.

Start the engine and check for oil leaks.

If there is a leak, identify the defective part and repair or replace it.

Check the oil pressure. Oil pressure check for Mazda 3.