According to the manufacturer's recommendation, the brake fluid should be replaced after 6 years of operation or after 90 thousand kilometers (whichever comes first)

Brake fluid is very hygroscopic (absorbs magic from the air), which, in addition to causing corrosion of parts of the brake system, lowers the boiling point of the fluid itself, and this can lead to brake failure during frequent heavy braking.

We therefore recommend changing the brake fluid at least once every 2 years.

Before changing the brake fluid, check the tightness of the hydraulic drive, and troubleshoot you will need: an “8” pipe wrench, brake fluid, a rubber or transparent hose, a transparent vessel.

It is recommended to replace the brake fluid with an assistant, having previously installed the car on an inspection ditch, overpass or lift (no need to remove the wheels).

Use DOT-4 brake fluid.

The sequence of fluid replacement in the brake mechanisms:

  • - back right;
  • - front left;
  • -back left;
  • - front right.

Do not reuse the fluid drained from the system: it is contaminated, saturated with air and moisture, always add to the system only new fluid of the brand that was filled before.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the surrounding air), so it should not be stored in an open container.

Protect nature!

Do not pour used brake fluid into the soil or sewer system. Contact your local authorities for the location of waste fluid collection points in your area.

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Remove the cap from the master cylinder reservoir.

Pour clean brake fluid into the reservoir up to the lower edge of the filler neck.

Slow down the car with the parking brake and install wheel chocks (“boots”) under the rear wheels.

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Clean the air release valves of dirt and remove the protective caps of the valves of the wheel cylinders of the front and rear brake mechanisms.

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Place the rubber hose over the right rear brake bleed valve and immerse the end of the hose in a clean, clear container.

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

The assistant should sharply press the brake pedal four to five times (with an interval between pressing 1-2 seconds).

Then hold down the pedal.

Replacing the brake fluid Renault Logan

Unscrew the air release valve ½ - ¾ turn. Old (dirty) brake fluid will begin to flow out of the hose.

The brake pedal at this time should smoothly reach the stop.

When fluid stops flowing, close the air release valve. Constantly monitor the liquid level, preventing it from dropping to the “MIN” mark on the tank wall.

If necessary, add new brake fluid to prevent air from entering the hydraulic drive.

Thus, the gradual displacement of the old fluid by the new one is ensured without draining the hydraulic system.

In the same way, change the brake fluid in the left front brake mechanism.

Similarly, change the fluid in the second circuit (first in the left rear brake, then in the right front).

Repeat steps 5 - 7 until the fluid in the actuator is completely replaced (clean fluid without air bubbles should flow from the hose).

After changing the brake fluid, be sure to put protective caps on the bleed valves.

Add brake fluid to a level between the "MIN" and "MAX" marks on the side of the reservoir. Close the tank cap.

Check the quality of your work. Press the brake pedal several times and the force on it should be the same each time you press it.