You will need a key "for 12". The intermediate shaft is used to drive the oil pump

In addition, camshafts are driven through it

The intermediate shaft rotates in two sleeve bearings.

Remove the upper and lower camshaft drive chains.

Remove the intermediate shaft sprocket. The lower chain can be left on the crankshaft gear.

Removal, repair and installation of intermediate shaft ZMZ-409

Remove the bolts 1 and remove the intermediate shaft flange 2.

Remove the four bolts securing cover 1 and remove the cover with gasket.

Removal, repair and installation of intermediate shaft ZMZ-409

Pull up the oil pump drive 2 with driven gear.

In order to unscrew the nut 3 and remove the drive gear 4 of the oil pump drive, block the intermediate shaft from turning.

Removal, repair and installation of intermediate shaft ZMZ-409

Insert two bolts 1 into the threaded holes of the intermediate shaft 2.

Holding the shaft by the bolts 1 with a screwdriver 3, unscrew the pinion nut with a wrench 4.

Holding the drive gear 1 with your hand, remove the countershaft 2.

Removal, repair and installation of intermediate shaft ZMZ-409

If necessary, replace the bushings of the intermediate shaft by pressing out the pipe 3 of the intermediate shaft using a special tool.

Then, using a special tool, press out the bushings of the intermediate shaft

After removing, wash all parts in gasoline.

Inspect the intermediate shaft. If cracks are found on the shaft, replace it.

If there are marks and other defects on the shaft journals, grind the shaft journals to the repair size.

If grinding to the repair size does not completely remove the defects, replace the shaft.

Measure the intermediate shaft journals.

If the diameter of the front neck is less than 48.95 mm, and the rear neck is less than 21.95 mm, they must be ground to the repair size.

The intermediate shaft bushings cannot be repaired.

If they have scuffs and other defects, the bushings must be replaced.

Reduced bushings are available for spare parts.

After pressing into the cylinder block, new bushings must be bored to the nominal or repair size.

Turn the bushings in one pass to ensure the holes are aligned.

When pressing in, install the bushings so that the holes in them coincide with the oil channels in the cylinder block.

The dimensions of the journals and bushings of the intermediate shaft are shown in the table.

Nominal and maximum allowable dimensions and fit of the mating parts of the intermediate shaft of the engine mod. ZMZ–409.10


Install the shaft in the reverse order of removal.

Before installing, lubricate the shaft journals and gears with clean engine oil.

The drive gears are lubricated with oil through a hole with a diameter of 2.5 mm.

To increase the oil pressure in the engine at idle, it is recommended to install a tube (inner diameter 1.5 mm) in the hole, directing the oil jet to the gears, i.e. reduce hole area without compromising efficiency