During operation, especially when carrying heavy loads, the beam may be deformed.

If the beam is bent, the camber angles of the rear wheels will be incorrect

Because of this, the wheel tread will wear out quickly, and the stability of the car will be reduced.

Rear suspension: 1 - rear suspension shock absorber; 2 - plug; 3 - upper spring gasket; 4 - rear suspension spring; 5 - lower spring gasket; 6 - axle of the rear wheel hub; 7 - rear suspension arms; 8 - rubber-metal hinge; 9 - bracket for mounting rear suspension arms; A - centering lug

To remove the beam, we install the car on an inspection ditch or lift.

Remove the brake pads of the rear wheels.

Rear suspension: 1 - brake drum; 2 - shock absorber; 3 - spring; 4 - rear suspension beam; 5 - bracket for attaching the beam arm to the body

Disconnect the parking brake cables from the rear suspension beam.

Disconnect the brake hoses of the rear wheels from the brake pipes located on the beam.

If the car has ABS, disconnect the wheel speed sensors from the brake shields.

We substitute an adjustable stop under the beam.

Disconnect the lower shock absorber mounts from the beam arms and remove both rear suspension springs

Removing the rear suspension beam of the Lada Largus car

Using an 18 spanner wrench, unscrew the nut of the bolt securing the left arm of the beam to the bracket, holding the bolt with a wrench of the same size (see information on removing the silent block).

Remove the bolt from the holes of the bracket and the silent block or knock it out with a soft metal drift.

After unscrewing the nut of the bolt securing the right lever to the bracket, the bolt cannot be removed, since it rests against the fuel tank.

Removing the rear suspension beam of the Lada Largus car

Using a 16-head with an extension, unscrew the three bolts securing the right arm bracket to the body.

Remove the left arm of the beam from the eyelet of the bracket

Removing the rear suspension beam of the Lada Largus car

We lower the beam on the adjustable stop, holding it on both sides.

We dismantle the bracket of the right lever, the shields of the brake mechanisms of the rear wheels, the brake pipes and the trunnions of the wheels from the beam.

Install the rear suspension beam in reverse order.

We finally tighten the nuts of the bolts of the levers to the brackets when the car is on wheels.

The tightening torques of the fasteners when installing the rear suspension beam:

  • - Nut of the bolt of the rear suspension arm to the body bracket 125 Nm
  • - Suspension arm bracket bolt 62 Nm
  • - Rear wheel bearing nut 175 Nm
  • - Screw securing the rear wheel trunnion to the flange of the rear suspension beam 80 Nm
  • - Shock absorber lower mounting bolt 105 Nm
  • - Shock absorber upper mounting nut 14 Nm