Remove taillights for replacement or repair

Preparing the car for work. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Open the rear doors of the car.

Remove the mesh (when removing the rear light from the right wing) (if available).

Remove the jack (when removing the rear light from the right wing).

Removing the rear light: 1, 3 - rear light fastening nuts; 2 - trunk lighting cover; 3 - trunk lining

We turn off two nuts 1, 3, fastening the rear light of the right or left to the car body.

Removing the rear light: 1 - rear left light; 2 - block of wires to the rear light; 3 - car body

Disconnect block 2, rear wiring harness from the right or left lamp.

Car rear lights

Remove lamp 1, right or left.

Rear lamp: 1 - lamp housing; 2 - clamps; 3 - lamp connector to the wiring block

Press the latches 2, remove the board from the rear lamp housing.

To replace the tail light bulbs, turn the corresponding bulb counterclockwise, remove it, and replace the bulb. Check the operation of the flashlight.


Rear light lamps: 1 - brake and side light lamp; 2 - turn indicator lamp; 3 - reversing light and fog light

Install the rear light on the fender using the dowel pins.

Install the rear light in the reverse order of removal.

At the same time, ensure the sealing of the lantern in conjunction with the body.

Replace the jack (when removing the right wing rear light).

Replace the grid (if present).

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