Preparing the car for work.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Using a Torx T20 screwdriver, unscrew screw 1, figure 1, fastening the inner handle 2 to open the door on the left or right.

Fixing the upholstery of the loading doors: 1 - screw for fastening the inner handle for opening the door; 2 - internal handle for opening the door; 3 - loading door upholstery; 4 - upholstery fixing screw

With the same tool, unscrew the screws 4 fastening the upholstery of the left door.

Overcoming the resistance of the holders, remove the upholstery 3 of the left or right door.

Wiper arm mounting: 1 - rear left loading door trim; 2 - wiper lever; 3 - wiper arm nut

Open the protective cap of the nut 3, figure 2, fastening the wiper lever 2, unscrew the nut with a 13 wrench, remove the lever.

Wiper mounting: 1 - wiper mounting rivet; 2 - wiper

Disconnect from the wiper 2, figure 3, the wiring harness block.

Using a ø 6 drill, we drill out rivets 1, remove the wiper.

Loading door locks fastening: 1 - latch fastening bolt; 2 - upper latch; 3 - lower latch

Using a Torx T30 head with a wrench, unscrew the bolts 1, Figure 4, fastening the upper and lower door latches on the left or right door, remove the latches by disconnecting the lock drive cables from them.

Removing the lining of the loading doors: 1 - screw securing the lock of the loading door on the left or right; 2 - a bolt of fastening of an overlay; 3 - lining fastening nut

With a head of 10, unscrew the bolts 2, Figure 5, and nuts 3 fastening the lining 1, (see Figure 2), loading doors, remove the lining, disconnecting the lock rod from the door lock switch.

Using a Torx T30 head, unscrew the bolts 1 securing the lock of the loading doors, remove the lock assembly with the cables for the drive of the upper and lower clamps.

We remove the additional brake signal.

Disconnect the wire connectors from the heated rear window and from the license plate light.

Remove the wiring harness and the rear window washer tube from the door cavity.

Loading door limiter fastening: 1 - bolt for fastening the loading door to the hinges; 2 - a bolt of fastening of loops of a loading door to a body; 3 - limiter lock handle; 4 - restrictor seal; 5 - loading door hinge; 6 - a bolt of fastening of the limiter to a body; 7 - loading door limiter; 8 - screw for fastening the handle of the limiter lock; 9 - protective tube of the wiring harness of the left loading door

With a 13 head, we unscrew the two upper and two lower bolts 1, Figure 6, fastening the left or right loading door to the hinges, remove the door.

Unscrew the screw 8, remove the handle 3 of the limiter lock 7.

Remove the seal 4 limiters.

Loading door limiter lock fastening: 1 - loading door limiter lock fastening nut; 2 - loading door stop lock

We turn off two nuts 1, Figure 7, remove the lock 2 of the limiter through the technological opening in the door.

If it is necessary to replace the hinges and the limiter:

  • - remove the rear light.
  • - using the Torx T30 head, unscrew the two bolts 6 securing the limiter 7 of the loading door, remove the limiter.
Mounting the top lining of the rear light: 1 - screw fixing the lining; 2 - upper rear light cover
  • - with a Torx T20 head, unscrew the three screws securing the top trim 1, Figure 8, of the rear light, remove the trim left or right.
  • - with a 13 head, unscrew the two upper and two lower bolts 2 (see Figure 6) fastening the hinges 3 to the body, remove the hinges.


Installation of assemblies and parts of loading doors should be carried out in the reverse order of disassembly, while:

  • - lubricate the rubbing parts of the wiper, sliding surfaces in the door lock, door opening limiter, linkage joints and hinges;
  • - fasten the wiper with rivets.
  • - before installing the door upholstery, temporarily connect the ground wire terminal to the battery, check and, if necessary, adjust the operation of the door lock and wiper;
  • - if necessary, restore or replace the sealing seal at the end of the upholstery;
  • - to ensure the uniformity of the gap between the doors and mating body panels.