The ignition system of the K4M engine consists of individual ignition coils and spark plugs for each cylinder

There are no high-voltage wires in the ignition system - the tip of the coil is put directly on the candle.

The ignition system of the K7M engine consists of an ignition coil, high-voltage wires and spark plugs.

The K7M engine has an ignition module, which is a block of two coils.

The lugs of high-voltage wires are connected to the terminals of the secondary windings of the coils.

The control of the current in the primary windings of the ignition coils is carried out by the computer, depending on the mode of operation of the engine.

The coils are powered in series in pairs.

Thus, the spark simultaneously jumps in two cylinders (1-4 or 2-3) - in one at the end of the compression stroke (working spark), in the other - at the end of the exhaust stroke (idle).

Removing and installing ignition coils

Removing the ignition coils of the K4M engine: 1 - ignition coil; 2 - ignition coil bolt

Preparing the car for work. Using a 10 key, disconnect the negative battery terminal.

On the K4M engine, disconnect the wiring harness pads from coils 1 (Figure 1).

With a head of 8, we unscrew the bolts 2 fastening the ignition coils and remove them.

Before installing the ignition coils, it is necessary to replace the bolts 2, the coil fasteners and, if necessary, replace the sealing rings of the coils.

Before installing the coils, apply FLUOSTAR 2L 2 mm thick around the inner circumference of the ignition coil cap from the side of the spark plug and ignition coil.

Install the ignition coils 1 on the spark plugs, screw in and tighten the ignition coil bolts.

The torque of the bolts is 14 N.m (1.4 kgf.m) (replaceable head 8, extension, wrench, torque wrench).

Connect the wiring harness pads to the ignition coils.

Connect the ground wire terminal to the battery (wrench 10).

Removing and installing the ignition module

Removing the K7M engine ignition module: 1 - wiring harness block to the ignition module; 2 - ignition module; 3 - high voltage wire tip

Disconnect block 1, wiring harness from ignition module 2 (Figure 2).

Disconnect the lugs of the 3 high voltage wires from the module.

Removing the ignition module of the K7M engine: 1 - the ignition module fastening bolt; 2 - ignition module

Using a TorxT30 screwdriver, unscrew bolts 1 securing the ignition module and remove module 2 (Figure 3).


Install the ignition module 2, figure 3, screw in and tighten the bolts 1 for fastening the ignition coils.

The torque of the bolts is 15 N.m (1.5 kgf.m) (Torx T30 screwdriver, replaceable Torx T30 nozzle, extension, torque wrench).

Connect the lugs 3, figure 2, of the high-voltage wires to the ignition module.

Connect connector 1 of the wiring harness to the ignition module.

Connect the negative terminal to the battery (wrench 10).