Preparing the car for work. Disconnect the ground terminal from the battery.

Lower the sliding glass of the door.

Rear door upholstery fastening: 1 - horizontal glass seal; 2 - door lock lock button; 3 - the screw of fastening of the handle of a back door internal; 4 - interior rear door handle; 5 - power window handle; 6 - self-tapping screw fastening the door upholstery; 8 - tailgate upholstery

Using a Torx T20 screwdriver, unscrew screw 3, figure 1, fastening handle 4 of the rear inner door and disconnect from the lock pull handle, remove the handle.

Using a Torx T20 screwdriver, unscrew the self-tapping screw 7 securing the door trim on the armrest.

Remove the facings and unscrew the four self-tapping screws 6 fastening the loudspeaker of the acoustic system, disconnect the wiring harness block and remove the loudspeaker.

Removing the window handle: 1 - window handle cover; 2 - fixing bracket; 3 - power window handle

Remove the cover 1 from the door upholstery (Figure 2), the power window handles, remove the fixing bracket 2, remove the handle 3.

Overcoming the resistance of the holders, disconnect the upholstery 8, Figure 1, from the door, remove the button 2 of the lock lock from the upholstery hole.

Remove seals 1.

Power window mount: 1 - rear door glass guide; 2 - a bolt of fastening of a directing glass of a back door; 3 - power window nuts

Temporarily install the power window handle, lift the glass, remove the seal from guide 1, Figure 3.

We unscrew the bolts 2, remove the guide 1 of the sliding window.

Set the glass in such a position that the bolts of the glass to the power window slider are installed opposite the technological holes of the door panel.

Holding the glass, unscrew the two bolts 1, figure 2, fastening the glass clip to the power window slider.

Remove the glass from the cavity of the door.

With a head of 10, unscrew the four nuts 3, Figure 3, fastening the power window to the door and remove it through the opening in the inner panel of the door.

Mounting the rear door glass to the power window slider: 1 - bolt securing the rear door glass to the power window slider

Using a 10 key, unscrew the two nuts 1, Figure 5, remove the outer handle 2, disconnecting the door lock rods from it.

Outer handle fastening: 1 - outer handle fastening nut; 2 - outer front door handle

Disconnect from the lock rod, unscrew the three bolts 1, figure 6, fixing the door lock, remove the lock 2 of the rear door.

Rear door lock mounting: 1 - rear door lock mounting bolt; 2 - rear door lock

Overcoming the resistance of the holders, remove molding 3 (Figure 7) of the rear door.

Door moldings and outside rearview mirror: 1 - outside rearview mirror; 2 - front door molding; 3 - tailgate molding

With a 10 head, unscrew two nuts 3, Figure 8, fastening the limiter 2 to the door.

Rear door fastening: 1 - nut for fastening the door to the hinge; 2 - door opening limiter; 3 - nut for fastening the limiter to the door; 4 - protective cover for the wiring harness

We remove the protective cover from the door 4 wiring harnesses and wiring harness.

With a key of 13, we unscrew the four nuts 1 fastening the door to the hinge, remove the rear door.


Install assemblies and parts in the reverse order of removal, while:

  • - lubricate the rubbing parts of the power window, the sliding surfaces in the door lock, the door opening limiter, the hinges of the rods and hinges with cyatim;
  • - before installing the upholstery, connect the ground wire terminal to the battery, check and, if necessary, adjust the operation of the door lock, temporarily install the window handle, check the operation of the window regulator, raise the sliding glass up;
  • - if necessary, restore or replace the sealing seal at the end of the upholstery;
  • - to ensure the uniformity of the gap between the door and mating body panels.

check the car for the scope of work performed and for compliance with the following requirements:

  • - body doors should open and close easily, spontaneous opening of doors is not allowed;
  • - when turning on the internal locks of the door locks, the latter should not be opened by external handles;
  • - power window mechanisms must ensure uniform, without jamming, full reverse movement of the vehicle's lowering windows.