Cars with engines ZMZ-4061, ZMZ-4063 are equipped with a contactless ignition system with a microprocessor control unit

The system consists of a control unit, two ignition coils of type 30.3705, or 301.3705, or 406.3705, spark plugs, high and low voltage wires, sensors, an EPHX solenoid valve and a diagnostic signal lamp

The control unit is installed in the engine compartment of the vehicle on the right side of the cab front shield (above the battery).

The ignition coils are located on the cylinder head cover.

The electronic control unit processes the data received from the sensors of the system and controls the two ignition coils by applying low voltage pulses to them.

Sparking occurs simultaneously in two cylinders: 1st and 4th or 2nd and 3rd.

In addition, the control unit receives signals from the crankshaft position (timing), coolant temperature, detonation and absolute pressure sensors and, based on this, corrects the ignition timing, which allows you to obtain optimal performance: power, economy and toxicity.</p >

There are no mechanical moving parts in the ignition system, so it does not require adjustments and maintenance during operation.

Scheme of the ignition system ZMZ-4061, ZMZ-4063