Removing the camshafts of the 2AZ-FE engine

We replace camshafts in the following cases:

- the pressure in the engine lubrication system has dropped

The cause of this malfunction is increased wear of the camshaft journals in the cylinder head

When the beds and their covers are worn out, we replace the block head as an assembly, since the beds are made directly in the cylinder head housing;

- valve knock at normal clearances in the valve drive mechanism. Caused by increased wear of the camshaft lobes

Preparing the car for the task

How to replace 2AZ-FE Toyota Camry camshafts

Remove the cylinder head cover as described in the article "How to replace the cover and cylinder head gasket 2AZ-FE Toyota Camry"

Remove the hydraulic phase change valve

Setting the first cylinder piston to the TDC position of the compression stroke "How to set the TDC of the first cylinder of the 2AZ-FE engine"

Remove the timing chain tensioner

fig. 2. Removing the exhaust camshaft sprocket

Loosen the sprocket mounting bolt while holding the exhaust camshaft

We unscrew the bolts securing the exhaust camshaft covers, and remove the covers

fig. 3. Removing the exhaust camshaft chain

Holding the exhaust camshaft, unscrew the sprocket mounting bolt and remove the sprocket

Remove the intake camshaft

fig. 4. Fixing the timing chain

We fix the camshaft drive chain, for example, by tying it with a wire to the stud of the collector

We clamp the camshaft in a vise

fig. 5. Intake Camshaft Oil Port

We cover all lubrication holes with electrical tape, except for the hole on the side of the coupling of the phase change system, as shown in the figure

fig. 6. Removing oil from variable valve timing clutch (VVT-i)

Create a pressure of 100 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm2) in the oil passage, and then turn the phase change clutch by hand in the forward (counterclockwise) direction, as shown in the figure

Depending on the air pressure, the clutch of the phase change system can be rotated in the direction of advance without the application of manual force

fig. 7. Removing the variable valve timing clutch

Unscrew the bolt securing the phase regulator clutch to the camshaft and remove the clutch

Install the camshafts in the reverse order, taking into account the following:

fig. 8. Installation of the clutch of the variable valve timing system: 1 - hole, 2 - pin

- install the camshaft clutch so that the pin on the shaft enters the gear hole, and tighten the clutch mounting bolt;

Check the rotation of the clutch in the direction of delay (to the right) and fixation in the position of maximum delay

  • - before installing the camshafts, lubricate the shaft journals with a thin layer of engine oil;
  • - install camshaft covers

Camshaft bearing caps are processed together with the beds in the cylinder head, so they cannot be depersonalized.

The covers are labeled with their belonging to each camshaft ("E" and "I"), and, in addition, bearing serial numbers are stamped on them.

The numbers made in the casting are technological for the process of casting the lid and do not serve as a guideline for the installation of lids

Install the camshaft covers in strict accordance with the markings on them.

Install parts in reverse order