Installing the intake camshaft of the front head of the block Installing the intake camshaft of the front head of the engine block 1AZ-FE

Apply a coat of engine oil to the end thrust surfaces of the camshaft

fig. 1. Matching the camshaft gear marks

Engage the gears of the exhaust and intake camshafts, aligning the alignment marks (two points) on the gears with each other.

Mount the intake camshaft to the cylinder head (fig. 1).

fig. 2. Marking of bearing caps

Install the bearing caps according to the markings on their housings (fig. 2).

fig. 3. The order of tightening the left bearing cap bolts

Apply a light coat of engine oil to the threads and under the heads of the bearing cap bolts.

Install and evenly tighten the ten bearing cap bolts in several passes to a torque of 16 Nm in the sequence shown in figure 3.

Remove the technological bolt.

Turn the camshaft and place the cams with the working lugs up, check and adjust, if necessary, the clearance in the valve drive.

fig. 4. Places for applying sealant to segment plugs: 1 - sealant

Remove old sealing material.

Apply sealant to the segment plugs as shown in Figure 4.

fig. 5. Locations for segment caps

Install the four segment plugs into the cylinder heads (fig. 5)