When replacing a bulb, make sure the ignition and light switches are off

To prevent burns, do not replace lamps while they are hot

Halogen lamps contain pressurized gas and require special handling.

They may explode or shatter if scratched or dropped.

Be sure to hold the lamp by the plastic or metal housing.

Do not touch the glass part of the lamp with bare hands.

The inside of an exterior light lens, such as headlights, may temporarily fog up when the lens gets wet in the rain or in a car wash.

This is not a problem, because fogging occurs due to the temperature difference between the outer and inner parts of the lens, similar to the fogging of the front glass when it rains.

  • A: H7 halogen lamps;
  • B: HVZ halogen lamps;
  • C: HB4 halogen lamps;
  • D: Lamps with bayonet base (clear);
  • E: Lamps with bayonet base (yellow);
  • F: Knife base lamps