Remove the battery

Remove #1 engine cover

Remove the air filter assembly.

Remove the #1 air cleaner hose.

Remove the exhaust system resonator assembly.

fig. 1. Disconnecting the control cable from the control shaft lever

Remove the left lower engine cover.

Disconnect the transmission control cable.

Remove the control shaft lever nut.

Disconnect the control cable from the control shaft lever (fig. 1).

fig. 2. Disconnecting the Control Cable from the Control Cable Bracket

Remove the clip and disconnect the control cable from the control cable bracket (fig. 2).

Remove the park/neutral switch assembly.

Disconnect the park/neutral switch connector.

Remove the nut, washer and control shaft lever.

fig. 3. Detaching the Lock Plate Tabs

Pull back the tabs on the locking plate (fig. 3).

fig. 4. Loosen the nut

Unscrew the lock nut and lock plate (fig. 4).

fig. 5. Park/Neutral Position Switch Bolts

Remove the 2 mounting bolts and remove the park/neutral switch (fig. 5).

Park/neutral switch adjustment

Mount the park/neutral switch on the manual valve shaft.

Temporarily install 2 bolts.

Place the new stop plate and tighten the nut. Tightening torque: 6.9 Nm.

Temporarily install the control shaft lever.

fig. 6. Park/Neutral Switch Adjustment

Turn the lever counterclockwise until it stops, then turn the lever clockwise 2 clicks (fig. 6).

Remove the control shaft lever.

fig. 7. Testing the park/neutral switch

Align the groove with the neutral base line (Figure 7).

While holding the switch in place, tighten the 2 mounting bolts. Tightening torque: 5.4 Nm.

fig. 8. Installing the nut with locking plate

Using a screwdriver, install the nut with lock plate (fig. 8).

Park/neutral switch setting

fig. 9. Installing the control shaft lever

Install the control shaft lever, washer and nut (fig. 9). Tightening torque: 12.7 Nm.

Install the transmission control cable.

fig. 10. Installing the transmission control cable

Temporarily install the control cable on the control shaft lever and secure it with the nut (fig. 10).

Install the control cable with the new clip into the bracket.

Connect the park/neutral switch connector.

Adjust and check the position of the shift lever.

Install other components in the reverse order of removal.