Toyota Camry steering wheel and trim removal

We remove the steering wheel to remove the instrument panel and for other dismantling and assembly work

Disconnect the battery terminals.

Set the steering wheel straight ahead.

Using a socket wrench (Torx), unscrew the 2 bolts securing the side caps with an internal hex.

Remove the plugs.

fig. 1. Loosening the steering wheel pad bolts

Loosen the steering wheel pad mounting bolts.

Loosen the bolts until they lock as shown in Figure 1.

Remove the steering wheel pad.

Do not pull on the overlay sharply. Be careful not to break the steering airbag wire connectors.

fig. 2. Airbag wire connectors

Using a screwdriver, disconnect the 2 steering airbag wire connectors as shown in Figure 2.

Remove the steering wheel pad.

fig. 3. Steering wheel pad content rule

For the entire time of work, in order to avoid damage, hold the overlay face up (Fig. 3).

Do not attempt to remove the steering airbag capsule.

fig. 4. Removing the steering wheel

Mark the steering wheel and main shaft.

Using the special tool, unscrew the steering wheel nut and remove the steering wheel (fig. 4).

fig. 5. Steering column upper cover bolts

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws securing the upper casing of the steering column (Fig. 5).

Remove the three bolts and remove the bottom cover #2.

With the connector disconnected, remove the headlight dimmer assembly.

Remove the coiled wire combination switch.

With the connector disconnected, remove the wiper switch assembly.

Do not disassemble the coiled wire and avoid getting oil on it.

fig. 6. Fastening the front door sill finish

Remove the trim of the front door sill by disconnecting 7 latches and 4 fastening clips (Fig. 6).

fig. 7. Interior Side Trim Attachment

Disconnect the 2 clips and remove the interior side trim (fig. 7).

fig. 8. Fastening the lower trim panel on the driver's side

Remove the two bolts, disconnect the hood latch cable.

Disconnect the three fastening clips and remove the lower trim panel on the driver's side (fig. 8).

Remove the four screws and remove the bottom trim panel insert

fig. 9. Fastening the instrument cluster trim

Unscrew the two screws, detach the 2 fastening clips and remove the trim instrument clusters (Fig. 9)

Remove the ignition lock trim.

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