Vehicle Stability Control helps provide comprehensive control of systems such as anti-lock braking system, traction control system, engine management system, etc.

This system automatically adjusts the brakes and the engine to prevent the vehicle from skidding when cornering on slippery road surfaces or when the steering wheel is turned hard.

The system will turn on if the vehicle speed reaches or exceeds 15 km/h and will turn off when the speed drops below 15 km/h.

When starting the engine or immediately after starting the vehicle, you may hear a sound in the engine compartment for a few seconds.

This means that the system self-test mode is enabled and does not indicate a malfunction.

VSC warning light

VSC Warning Light

This lamp warns of a malfunction in the vehicle's stability control system or traction control system (Fig. 1).

This lamp comes on for a few seconds when the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position.

If the lamp comes on while driving, the system is not working. But if the normal brake system works when you press the pedal, you can continue driving without any problems.

Contact your Toyota dealer in the following cases:

  • - the control lamp does not light up after turning the ignition key to the "ON" position;
  • - the control lamp continues to burn after turning the ignition key to the "ON" position;
  • - the control lamp turns on when driving. When the "VSC" indicator lamp is turned on, the "TRC OFF" indicator lamp lights up even without pressing the "TRC OFF" switch.
  • - Don't rely solely on vehicle stability control.

Even if your vehicle's stability control system is working, you must remember to drive safely and carefully to prevent serious injury.

Reckless driving can lead to an accident.

If the slip indicator lamp flashes and the audible alarm sounds, then you should be especially careful when driving.

  • - Be sure to use tires of the specified size. The size, manufacturer, brand and tread pattern for all 4 tires must be the same.

If you use tires other than the specified types, or tires of a different type or size, the vehicle's stability control system may not work properly.

  • - In situations where the road surface is covered with ice or snow, the vehicle must be equipped with snow tires or snow chains.