We replace the ball joint if during the check a backlash of the ball joint is found

We raise the front of the car and place it on reliable supports

Remove the wheel from the side of the work being done

Toyota Camry ball joint replacement

Remove the cotter pin and unscrew the nut securing the ball joint pin to the steering knuckle

Toyota Camry ball joint replacement

We unscrew the bolt and two nuts securing the ball joint housing to the lower suspension arm

Ball Joint
Ball Joint Puller

We press the ball joint pin out of the steering knuckle using a ball joint puller

And remove the ball joint

We install the ball joint in the reverse order, without finally tightening the nut of its finger

Right and left ball joints are marked "R" and "L"

Having lowered the car, rock it strongly several times

Tighten the nut of the ball joint pin to a torque of 49 Nm, after which we tighten the nut until its slot coincides with the hole in the pin and install the cotter pin