Removable anti-roll bar parts for replacement when wear occurs

Remove the front wheels.

fig. 1. Anti-roll bar nuts

Remove the 2 mounting nuts and disconnect the left and right anti-roll bars from the lower arm (fig. 1).

Toyota Camry front suspension stabilizer replacement

If the ball joint shaft turns with the nut, use a hexagon wrench (6mm) to hold the post.

Remove the front suspension frame damper.

Remove the 2 clamp bolts and remove the anti-roll bar damper (fig. 2).

fig. 3. Anti-roll bar clamp

Remove the anti-roll bar.

Shoot it from the left side.

fig. 4. Checking the Roll Torque of the Stabilizer Link Ball Joint

Check the torque of the stabilizer bar ball joint (fig. 4).

Using a torque wrench, turn the nut continuously (one turn in 2-4 seconds) and take the reading at the fifth turn.

Scroll torque: 0.05 - 1.96 Nm.

Install the anti-roll bar damper.

fig. 5. Sway Bar Damper Installation Diagram

Install it with the back facing the inside of the gimbal (fig. 5).

Install other parts in the reverse order of removal.

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