Oil volume, l: 2.5

Oil type: API grade GL-4 or GL-J gear oil.

Recommended oil viscosity: SAE 75W-90.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the factory-filled oil with SAE75W gear oil if the vehicle is operated for a long time at an ambient temperature below -30°C.

To check the oil level, top up or replace it, you will need socket heads for 13, 17 and a syringe

Checking the oil level of a manual transmission

Stop the vehicle on a level surface.

Unscrew the filler plug and remove it together with the gasket.

Fig. 1. Checking the oil level in a manual transmission

Make sure the oil level is within 5mm of the lower edge of the gearbox fill hole (fig. 1).

Too much or too little oil can damage the transmission.

After changing the oil, take a test drive and check the oil level.

Check for leakage when the oil level is low.

Install the transmission filler plug and a new gasket.

Tightening torque: 49 Nm.

Checking the oil level in an automatic transmission is described in the article - "Checking the oil level in an automatic transmission Toyota Camry"