On the ZMZ-402 engine, before removing the filter, drain the oil from it by unscrewing the plug

Unscrew the emergency oil pressure switch at the bottom of the filter.

Unscrew the tube fastening bolt and the filter fastening nut.

Replacing the filter element of the ZMZ-402 engine oil filter

Drain the oil from the filter.

Unscrew cap nut 1 and remove filter cover 2.

Unscrew cap nut 1 and remove filter cover 2

Remove washer 1 and the rubber filter seal under it element, then take out the filter element 2

Remove the washer 1 and the rubber seal of the filter element under it, then remove the filter element 2.

Remove the lower seal 1 of the filter element.

Remove the washer and spring under the bottom seal.

If the spring is cracked or broken, replace the spring.

Remove the lower seal of the 1 filter element

Install the new filter element in the reverse order; when installing, replace the seals of the filter element.

The following filter elements are used for these engines: NAMI-VG-10, REGOTMAS-412-1-05 and REGOTMAS-412-1-06.