Removing the alternator (models with engine 1 and 2 AZ-FE)

Remove the drive belt by loosening the support, locking and adjusting bolts

Disconnect the alternator connector, unscrew the nut and disconnect the alternator wiring.

Fig. 1. Removing the alternator (models with engine 1 and 2 AZ-FE)

Disconnect the wiring clamp from the generator.

Unscrew the support bolt, stop bolt and remove the generator (Fig. 1).

Generator installation

Mount the generator on the bracket.

Install the support and locking bolts of the generator, start them, but do not tighten them completely.

Fig. 2. Alternator installation (models with 1 and 2AZ-FE engine)

Connect the generator connector and secure the wiring (fig. 2).

Do not connect the generator connector until the generator is installed.

Install the drive belt.

Tighten the support and locking bolts of the generator.

Tighten the wire harness clamp bolts and the alternator wire bolt.

Tightening torque:

  • - support bolt M10 - 52 Nm;
  • - locking bolt M8 - 21 Nm;
  • - bolt for fastening the wire harness clamp - 8.4 Nm;
  • - generator wire bolt - 9.8 Nm.

Removing the alternator (models with 1 MZ-FE engine)

Disconnect the alternator wire connector.

Remove the fastening nut and disconnect the lead wire from terminal B.

Loosen bolts A and B.

Loosen bolt C to reduce drive belt tension.

Fig. 3. Removing the alternator (models with 1MZ-FE engine)

Remove bolts A, B and alternator (fig. 3).

Generator installation

Install the generator.

Temporarily install bolts A and B.

Connect the alternator wire connector.

Adjust the tension of the drive belt by tightening the adjusting bolt C.

Tighten bolts A and B.

Tightening torque:

  • bolt A - 58 Nm;
  • bolt B - 18 Nm.

After checking the tension of the drive belt, finally tighten the bolt "B". Tightening torque: 9.8 Nm.

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