The switchboard gasket must not show visible damage.

Nicks and other mechanical damage to the treated surfaces of the distribution board are not allowed

D-245 gas distribution mechanism

Nicks and dents are not allowed on the gear teeth of the gas distribution mechanism, cams and necks of the camshaft.

The camshaft bushings in the cylinder block and the camshaft journals must be wiped with a clean cloth.

The camshaft journals must be lubricated with engine oil.

The longitudinal play of the camshaft should be within 0.3-1.04 mm; while the shaft should rotate freely, without jamming.

Installation of timing gears according to D-245 diesel marks

Before installation, the pushers must be wiped and lubricated with engine oil. The pushers must move freely in the holes of the block from the force of the hand.

The intermediate gear finger must be wiped with a napkin and lubricated with engine oil.

When installing the gears of the timing mechanism and the fuel pump, the corresponding marks on the gear rims of the gears must match.

After fixing the intermediate gear, the backlash between the teeth of the distribution gears should be within 0.1-0.3 mm.

The end clearance between the intermediate gear hub and the thrust washer should be within 0.10-0.78 mm.