Removing the selector lever housing

Put the car on a two-post lift

Remove the top engine covers.

Disconnect the battery.

Removing the multi-function switch cable ball and drive cable: 1 - multi-function switch cable ball, 2 - drive cable

Remove the ball end of the multifunction switch cable and the drive cable from the sheath stopper on the modular jack bracket (Figure 1).

Remove the diagnostic connector cover.

Removing the diagnostic socket cover: 1 - diagnostic socket cover, 2 - lever part

Turn the lever part a quarter of a turn, then lower it (fig. 2).

Removing the selector handle: 1 - handle

Remove the selector lever handle by pulling it up (fig. 3).

Removing selector console trim: 1 - trim

Remove the selector console trim (fig. 4).

Disconnect selector connector: 1 - connector

Disconnect the selector connector and open the glove box (fig. 5)

Removing the parking brake lever trim: 1 - trim

Disconnect the parking brake handle trim (fig. 6).

Removing the bottom cover of the selector console: 1 - bottom cover

Remove the bottom cover of the selector console (fig. 7)

Disconnecting the Cigarette Lighter Plug

Disconnect the cigarette lighter holder and disconnect the cigarette lighter socket (fig. 8).

Disconnect connectors for seat heaters (if equipped)

Remove both front seats.

Removing the selector lever console: 1 - console mountings

Slightly slide the console in the direction of the arrow shown in Figure 9 and remove it

Removing the brake pedal of a car with an automatic transmission

Removing the glove box and headlight range control switch: 1 - glove box, 2 - headlight range control switch

Disconnect the glove box, the headlight range control switch from the rear, and disconnect the headlight range control switch panel connectors (fig. 10).

Removing the screws securing the automatic parking brake control: 1 - screws

Remove the screws securing the automatic parking brake control knob (fig. 11).

Disconnect the connectors of the automatic parking brake control knob.

Remove the control knob.

Removing the left A-pillar trim

Remove the front left pillar trim (fig. 12).

Dashboard Side Trim Removal

Remove the instrument panel side trim (fig. 13).

Removing the bottom of the dashboard

Unscrew the mounting bolts and remove the lower part of the dashboard (Fig. 14)

Removing the duct

Remove the duct (fig. 15).

Remove the connecting shaft of the brake pedal - tie rod assembly.

Disconnect the accelerator pedal position sensor connector.

Disconnect the brake light switch connector.

Turn the brake light switch a quarter of a turn counterclockwise

Check cutting: 1 - cutting line

Cut the pin (Fig. 16)

Insert pin (Fre1752) from left to right (in case the pedal is not replaced).

Nuts for the brake pedal assembly: 1 - nuts

Unscrew the nuts securing the brake pedal assembly (Fig. 17).

Remove the brake pedal-accelerator pedal assembly.

Unscrew the fastening nuts and remove the accelerator pedal.

Pedal installation

replacing the brake pedal with automatic transmission Renault Megane 2

The pedal has an unlocking system that is activated at the moment of a collision.

Do not touch the pedal system: the pedal may spontaneously drop to the floor.

Do not remove the pin before installing and tightening the fasteners of the pedal assembly.

Check cut line

Cut off the pin in the place shown by the dotted line in the figure.

Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Torque tighten the brake pedal fork nuts to 21 Nm.

Check withdrawal

Remove the pin from the pedal (fig. 19)

Check the presence and blocking of the connecting shaft between the brake booster tappet and the brake pedal.

Adjust the position of the brake light switch.

Connect the wires to the battery terminals, starting with the positive terminal.

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