Front suspension - independent, with McPherson struts, lower wishbones and anti-roll bar

Racks with coil springs and integrated telescopic shock absorbers are attached with the upper part to reinforced body supports

The bottom of the strut is bolted with two bolts to the top of the knuckle that carries the hub, brake disc and caliper.

Location of front suspension elements: 1 - steering knuckle, 2 - tie rod end, 3 - shock strut, 4 - anti-roll bar, 5 - tie rod, 6 - stabilizer bar, 7 - arm front suspension, 8 - ball joint

The main element of the front suspension is a telescopic shock absorber strut 3, which combines the functions of the telescopic element of the guide mechanism and the damping element of the vertical vibrations of the wheel relative to the body.

The coil spring, compression buffer, strut guard and top support are assembled on the shock absorber strut.

The load on the car body is transmitted through the upper support.

The shock absorber strut is connected to the suspension arm 7 through the steering knuckle 1 by ball bearing 8.

Rod 6 of the anti-roll bar with rubber pads installed on it is connected to the rear of the subframe of the front suspension of the car with two brackets.

Lever 7 is attached to the rear of the front suspension subframe using rubber-metal hinges.

The hubs rotate in bearings mounted on the steering knuckles.

The lower part of the steering knuckle is connected by means of a ball joint to the lower wishbone.

The ball joint is attached to the lever with bolts, to the hub - using a clamp with a bolt.

The inner end of the lever is attached to the body by means of rubber silent blocks, limiting the lateral and longitudinal movement of the front wheels.

Anti-roll bar is fitted to all models.

The stabilizer is connected to the suspension arms and is attached through rubber mounts to the subframe.

Possible malfunctions of the front suspension and solutions

Cause of malfunction - Remedy

Noise and knocking when the car is moving:

Loosening of the attachment of the anti-roll bar brackets of the car and its struts to the shock absorber strut of the suspension to the rear of the subframe - Tighten the loose threaded connections

Wear of rubber parts of the stabilizer and its struts - Replace worn parts

Top mount rubber wear - Replace strut top mount

Ball joint wear - Replace arm

Worn tie rod joints - Replace tie rod end

Worn front wheel bearings or loose hub nut - Replace bearing or retighten nut

Front suspension spring failure - Replace springs

Shock absorber compression buffer failure - Replace compression buffer

Avoiding a car from a straight line on a horizontal road:

Misaligned Front Wheel Alignment - Eliminate Causes of Misaligned Wheel Alignment and Adjust Wheel Alignment

Uneven spring settlement - Replace front suspension springs

Increased or uneven tire tread wear:

The angles of the front wheels are violated - Adjust the angles

Increased wear on suspension or tie rod joints - Replace suspension or tie rods

Suspension strut malfunction - Replace shock struts