We remove the steering wheel when removing the instrument panel, for replacement and for repair and steering adjustment

You will need a TORX T50 key.

Disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery.

Set the steering wheel to a straight ahead position.

Remove the driver's airbag

A Torx T-30 wrench is required to remove the airbag

Disconnect the negative battery terminal

Attempting to remove the airbag without turning off the power may result in unexpected deployment of the airbag;

  • - you can proceed with the following operations to remove the airbag only after the activator capacitor is completely discharged.

To discharge the capacitor, after disconnecting the wire from the minus terminal of the battery, wait at least 10 seconds;

  • - it is forbidden to disassemble the airbag module;
  • - do not drop the airbag module and get water, grease or oil on it;
  • - the airbag module removed from the vehicle must be stored on a flat horizontal surface, with the module facing upwards;
  • - do not expose the airbag module to temperatures above 95˚ C;
  • - when installing the module in the steering wheel of the car, stay out of the airbag deployment zone;
  • - When turning on the ignition for the first time after installing the airbag, you must be outside the vehicle and turn on the ignition switch by reaching under the lower steering column cover.

Driver airbag removal

Unscrew the left airbag mounting screw in the steering wheel hub

Driver airbag removal

We also unscrew the right screw of the pillow

Driver airbag removal

Raise the airbag module

Driver airbag removal

Remove the pillow from the steering wheel hub and unfasten the retainer of the airbag wiring harness block

Driver airbag removal

Disconnect the wiring harness from the airbag module

Removing and installing Renault Logan steering wheel

Remove the module

Removing and installing Renault Logan steering wheel

Remove the steering wheel bolt to keep the wheel from turning.

You can lock the steering wheel from turning using the locking mechanism of the anti-theft device of the ignition lock.

To do this, remove the key from the ignition and turn the steering wheel until the shaft is fixed with an anti-theft device.

After loosening the steering wheel mounting bolt, disable the anti-theft device by inserting the key into the ignition switch and return the steering wheel to the straight-ahead position.

Do not completely unscrew the steering wheel mounting bolt to avoid injury when pulling the wheel off the splines of the steering shaft.

Finally remove the bolt only after you remove the wheel

Removing and installing Renault Logan steering wheel

Remove the steering wheel from the steering shaft

Removing and installing Renault Logan steering wheel

Remove the wire with the airbag block through the hole and remove the steering wheel.

Install the steering wheel and removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

Replace the steering wheel bolt every time you remove it.

Tighten the steering wheel bolt to 44 Nm (4.4 kg/cm).