Preparing the car for work. We install the car on a lift, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.

Raise the car to a comfortable height.

Remove the front wheel from the side of the front fender removal

Removing the front bumper (article on removing bumpers).

Remove the headlight (article on removing the headlight).

Remove the protective cover of the front wheel arch:

Protective casing of the front wing arch: 1 - protective casing fastening screw; 2, 3 - latch; 4 - nut; 5 - side protective shield; 6 - protective casing of the front wing arch
  • - with a Torx T20 screwdriver, unscrew six self-tapping screws 1, Figure 1;
  • - unscrew the nut 4, remove the side mudguard 5;
  • - remove the clamps 2 and 3, remove the protective cover 6 of the front wheel arch.
Removing the front fender lining: 1 - front fender lining

Remove the side turn signal.

Overcoming the resistance of the plastic holders, we move the upper edge of the front wing lining to the center of the car, then the lower edge of the lining up, remove the lining 1, Figure 3.

Removing the front fender: 1 - upper mounting bolt; 2 - front wing; 3 - front wing bolt

Remove bolts 1, 3

Removing the front wing: 4 - lower wing bolt; 5 - rear wing nut

With a head of 10, we unscrew the bolts 4, Figure 4, and the nut 5 of fastening the front wing to the body, remove the wing 2.

Setting the wing

Remove the flange and spring nuts, clean the surfaces of the body mating with the wing, remove the remains of the insulating gaskets and corrosion at the junction of the wing and the body.

Degrease the parts of the body cleaned to metal.

Apply primer type GF-073 to the parts of the body surface cleaned to metal.

Install spring and flange nuts on the body, install insulating gaskets made of 51G-36 material or apply BPM-2 bituminous anti-noise mastic on the mating surface of the body and wing with a layer 2-3 mm thick, 20 mm wide and hold for 15- 20 minutes to dry the mastic.

The dimensions of the insulating pads are the same as the removed pads.

Install and pre-tighten the wing mounting screws.

Adjust the gaps between the front fender, hood and front door.

Perform the final tightening of the wing fastening screws, ensuring the requirements for mating the wing with body panels.

Next, install the components and parts in the reverse order of removal.