If the vehicle needs to be towed, we recommend that you contact your Toyota dealer or use a specialized towing service

Consult with them which method - a or b - is better to tow your car.

To prevent damage to the vehicle during towing, use appropriate equipment.

Incorrect towing can damage your vehicle.

Despite the fact that most specialized services know how to properly tow, there is a possibility of error.

The following precautions should be taken to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Always use the safety chain system when towing and follow national/state and local laws.

Wheels and axle on the ground must be in good condition.

If they are damaged, use a towing cart.

Towing types of Toyota Camry

a) Truck towing with wheels raised.

Front - Release the parking brake.

Rear - manual transmission - it is recommended to put the front wheels of the car on a towing dolly.

When not using a towbar, set the ignition key to ACC and the transmission to neutral.

Automatic transmission:

- put the front wheels of the car on the towing cart.

Never tow an automatic transmission vehicle by hitching it from behind (front wheels on the ground) as this can cause serious damage to the transmission.

  • b) Flatbed truck use.
  • c) Truck towing using slings.

Towing by a truck using a sling with the vehicle's engagement both in front and behind is prohibited.

This may cause damage to the car body.

Towing a car in an emergency

If towing services are not available in an emergency, the vehicle can be towed by attaching a cable or chain to one of the towing eyes located under the vehicle.

Be extremely careful when towing your vehicle.

Towing types of Toyota Camry

Towing types of Toyota Camry

Fig. 2. Location of special eyelets for towing a car

Towing types of Toyota Camry

When towing a vehicle with an automatic transmission, use only the front towing eye (fig. 4).

Be extremely careful when towing your vehicle.

Avoid sudden starts and erratic maneuvers that could put excessive stress on the emergency towing eyes, towline or chain.

The eyelets and the towline or chain can break and cause serious injury or damage.

Only use a rope or chain specifically designed for towing vehicles.

The cable or chain must be securely attached to the existing towing eyelets.

Before towing, release the parking brake and place the transmission in neutral (manual) or "N" (automatic).

The key must be in the "ACC" (engine off) or "ON" (engine running) position.

Installing the front towing eye

Towing types of Toyota Camry

Fig. 5. Removing the front towing eye from the spare wheel cover 1.

The location of the tools on the cover of the spare wheel compartment: 1 - jack handle, 2 - towing eye, 3 - wheel nut wrench

Remove and turn over the spare wheel cover.

Remove the front towing eye by turning it as shown

Towing types of Toyota Camry

Removing the decorative cover on the front bumper 2.

Towing types of Toyota Camry

Remove the front bumper towing eye decorative plug using a cloth-wrapped slotted screwdriver.

Fig. 9. Attaching the Front Eye

Securely attach the front towing eye to the hole in the bumper by turning it clockwise

Tighten the front towing eye securely with a wheel wrench

Inability to shift the selector lever of an automatic transmission

Fig. 10. Automatic transmission lock cancel button

If you cannot shift the selector lever from the "P" position to another position even after depressing the brake pedal, use the shift lock release button as follows (fig. 10):

  • 1. Turn the ignition key to the "LOCK" position.

Make sure the parking brake is applied;

  • 2. Press the toggle lock cancel button.

Switching from the "P" position is possible only when the button is pressed;

  • 3. Switch to position "N";
  • 4. Start the engine. For safety reasons, keep the brake pedal depressed.