Lightly press the side repeater housing and slide it in the direction shown in figure 1

Fig. 1. Removing the side turn signal

Removing the side turn signal

Remove the side repeater and unplug the power connector

Removing the rear combination lamp

Fig. 2. Rear combination lamp glass bolts

Remove the three bolts securing the rear light lens (fig. 2).

Disconnect the light connectors from the trunk side.

Pull the headlamp lens towards you and remove it.

Remove the rear trunk liner.

Fig. 3. Removing the rear light cover

Remove the three nuts and remove the rear light cover (fig. 3).

Fig. 4. Removing the rear light cover

Remove the rear light protective pad (fig. 4).

Fig. 5. Removing the rear combination lamp sockets

Remove the three combination lamp bulb sockets by turning them in the directions shown by the arrows in figure 5.

Disconnect the connectors for the power supply wires of the lamps of the combination lamp and remove the sockets.

Remove the rear turn signal lamp socket by turning it in the direction of the arrow in figure 6.

Disconnect the lamp power wire connectors and remove the sockets.

Install in the reverse order of removal.

Removing the headlight

Remove the two headlamp bracket bolts and detach the brackets.

Fig. 7. Removing the headlight

Toyota Camry headlight and headlight replacement

Disconnect the mounting clip, pull the headlight towards you and remove it (Fig. 7).

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