Install a new gasket and exhaust manifold and tighten the six mounting nuts evenly in several passes to 49 Nm

Install the power steering pump bracket and tighten the mounting bolts to 43 Nm.

Install the mounting plate on the cylinder head, tightening the mounting bolt with a tightening torque of 8 Nm.

Install motor wiring protection.

fig. 1. Scheme of the correct installation of the gasket on the timing belt cover No. 3: 1 - gasket, 2 - sealant, D - 335 mm, E - 180 mm, F - 133 mm, G - 72 mm

In order to install timing belt cover #3, make sure the cover gaskets are not split or cracked.

If necessary, replace the gaskets by doing the following:

  • - using a screwdriver or scraper, remove the remnants of the old gasket;
  • - remove the protective paper from the new gasket and stick the gasket as shown in picture 1.

Check if the new gasket has stuck well.

fig. 2. Installing the crankshaft pulley: 1 - pulley

Before installing the crankshaft sprocket, align the locating key on the crankshaft with the keyway in the pulley (fig. 2).

Install the belt guide crankshaft sprocket (with the speed sensor rotor) inward.

Install the toothed pulley plate and tighten the plate fixing bolt with a tightening torque of 8 Nm.

Install the washer and tighten the tensioner roller bolt.

Check if the tensioner rotates smoothly.

Install the intermediate pulley, tighten the fastening bolt to 43 Nm and check that the pulley rotates smoothly.

fig. 3. Correct orientation of the front camshaft pulley belts

Align the key on the camshaft with the keyway on the pulley and install the pulley on the shaft.

Install the front camshaft sprocket with the belt guide inward (fig. 3).

Using the special tool, install and tighten the pulley bolts to 125 Nm.

Install the water pump by tightening the four bolts and two nuts securing the pump to 8 Nm (fig. 4).

fig. 4. Installing the coolant pump

Install the timing belt cover and tighten the six bolts to 8 Nm.

Replace the spark plugs.

Install the ignition coils.

Install two new gaskets on the coolant inlet pipe.

Connect the coolant outlet to the coolant bypass hose.

Install the outlet pipe, two washers and alternately tighten the two bolts and two nuts to a torque of 15 Nm.

Install the intake manifold, fuel manifold with injectors, two washers and evenly tighten the nine bolts and two nuts in several passes to a torque of 15 Nm.

Install upper intake manifold assembly.

Install motor bracket #1 and tighten the two bolts to 39 Nm.

Install the upper part of the intake manifold and tighten the two mounting bolts to 20 Nm.

Connect electrical wiring and hoses.

Install the engine cover. Fill with coolant.

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