High pressure fuel pump

High pressure fuel pump model 4UTNI-T-1111005-50

Installed on diesel D-245

Plunger diameter 9.0 mm

Plunger stroke 9.0 mm

Spacing between sections 32 mm

Dimensions (length, width, height), mm 398х171х284

Weight, kg, no more than 14.5

Direction of rotation of the camshaft (drive side) - Right-hand

Pump section order 1-3-4-2

Angles of rotation of the camshaft (from the drive side), degrees 0-90-180-270

Ratio of camshaft speed to diesel crankshaft speed 1:2

Plunger stroke in the first section from the lower extreme position to the geometric start of injection, mm 3.3+ 0.05

Discharge valve - Mushroom, feather

Lubrication system - circulation, oil, with oil supply under pressure from the diesel lubrication system

Fuel priming pump - Piston with manual priming pump

Regulator - Centrifugal, all-mode, direct action with boost corrector

Supercharge corrector - Pneumatic

Nozzle - Mod. 17.1112010-01, closed type with hydraulically controlled needle lift, rod

Installed nozzle diameter, mm - 22.5

The method of adjusting the pressure of the start of fuel injection - Adjusting screw

Injection start pressure, MPa 17.5-18.2

Atomizer type - Mod. 145.1112110, fixed, multi-jet, five-hole

Nozzle weight, kg 0.75