Disconnect the wires from the battery terminals, starting with the negative terminal

Remove the intake manifold

Beware of gasoline emissions when disconnecting the fuel supply line from the fuel rail.

Unscrewing the nuts securing the fuel rail guard: 1 - nuts

Remove the two nuts securing the rail guard (fig. 1).

Open the wiring harness.


  • – fitting of the fuel supply line;
  • - pads of wires from injectors;
Disconnecting the fuel inlet connector and the injector and knock sensor wire connectors: 1 - fuel inlet connector, 2 - injector connectors, 3 - knock sensor connectors

- pads of wires from the knock sensor (Fig. 2).

Remove the rail mounting bolts.

Carefully pull the fuel rail towards you and remove it.

Removing the dipstick tube: 1 - fuel rail mounting bolts, 2 - wiring harness nut, 3 - oil dipstick tube

Unscrew the wiring harness nut and remove the dipstick guide tube (fig. 3).

Removing the bolts securing the injector housing lining

Remove the bolts securing the lining of the injector bodies (Fig. 4).


The lining of the injector housings must be replaced.

Install all mounting bolts.


  • - lining the injector housings to the top cover of the timing drive and tighten the bolt "A" by hand;
  • - lining the injector bodies to the support of the engine pendulum suspension, tightening the bolt "B" by hand.
Installing a new injector body gasket

Push the lining of the injector bodies into the gaskets from the cylinder head cover (fig. 5).

Tighten in the order shown in Figure 5 to the correct torque:

  • - fastening bolts 11 and 12 of the lining of the injector bodies (25 Nm);
  • - fastening bolts 13 and 20 of the lining of the injector bodies (21 Nm).

Torque tighten:

  • - bolt for fastening the upper timing cover (44 Nm);
  • - pendulum support mounting bolt (44 Nm).

Install the intake manifold.

Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Connect the wires to the battery terminals, starting with the positive terminal.