When performing work that requires complete draining of the liquid from the cooling system, be sure to flush the system with clean water, blow with compressed air to remove residual water

Fill with coolant, bleed the system and measure its actual frost resistance

The system must provide frost resistance:

  • - at temperatures up to - 25 ° С ± 2 for countries with a cold and temperate climate;
  • - at temperatures up to -40 ° C ± 2 for countries with a very cold climate.

Before starting work, cover electrical equipment with plastic bags.

Replacing fluid

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, the coolant should be changed after six years of operation or 90,000 km, whichever comes first


  • - coolant; Use GLACEOL RX coolant (type D).
  • - blank cloth;
  • - container for draining coolant with a capacity of at least ten liters;
  • - pliers

Replace the coolant on a cold engine

We install the car on a lift or on a viewing ditch

Coolant change for Renault Megane 2

Open the cap of the expansion tank

Remove the crankcase protection and engine mudguard

Coolant change Renault Megan 2

Squeeze the ears of the clamp for attaching the inlet hose of the expansion tank and slide the clamp along the hose

Coolant change Renault Megane 2

Remove the hose from the radiator pipe and drain the liquid into a substituted container

After draining the coolant, put the hose on the pipe

Coolant change Renault Megane 2

Pour liquid into the expansion tank up to the "max" mark on the wall of the tank

Start the engine and warm it up to operating temperature (before turning on the fan).

After that, stop the engine and check the coolant level

If necessary, add it to the expansion tank to the “max” mark


When the engine is running, you need to monitor the temperature of the coolant according to the pointer

If the pointer has reached the overheating zone, and the radiator fan has not turned on, turn on the heater and check how much air passes through it

If the heater supplies heated air, the fan is most likely defective, and if it supplies cold air, then an air lock has formed in the engine cooling system.

To remove the air lock, turn off the engine, let it cool down, and unscrew the filler cap

Start the engine, let it run for 3-5 minutes, and close the filler cap

To better fill the system without air pockets, you need to periodically squeeze the radiator hoses by hand.

After a few days of operation of the car after replacing the coolant, you need to check its level. If necessary, add liquid.

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