Bleeding (bleeding) the hydraulic system of the power steering is necessary after any work related to the depressurization of the system (replacement of the pump or pipelines)

A sign of the presence of air in the system is the wedging of the steering wheel when you try to turn it sharply. In addition, at the moment the steering wheel is turned, the pump makes an increased noise, and the fluid in the tank usually foams.

Bleeding the Renault Logan power steering system

Fill the working fluid into the hydraulic booster system (see "Adding fluid to the Renault Logan hydraulic booster") up to the "MAX" mark.

Turn the steering wheel all the way, first one way, then the other.

Start the engine.

Turn the steering wheel all the way to one side.

Do not hold the steering wheel in the end position for more than 10 seconds.

Turn the steering wheel all the way in the opposite direction.

Turn the steering wheel to the middle position and stop the engine.

Check the hydraulic fluid level in the hydraulic booster reservoir and top up if necessary.

The level of the working fluid in the tank with a warm engine should be no higher than the "MAX" mark, on a cold one - not lower than the "MIN" mark.

Repeat steps 4-7 until the oil level in the reservoir stops dropping