The mounting block with fuses is located in the left end of the instrument panel under a plastic cover

It should be borne in mind that some of the circuits indicated in the table may be missing on a particular car model, and the positions of the blocks may vary

To gain access to the mounting block, remove the cover in the instrument panel.

Renault Logan Fuses

On the inside of the cover there is a diagram of the location of relays and fuses, as well as spare fuses of various ratings and plastic tweezers for removing fuses from the mounting block.

Before you replace a blown fuse, find out the cause of the blown fuse and fix it.

When troubleshooting, look at the circuits indicated in Table 1 that this fuse protects.

Remove the replacement fuse with tweezers.

Renault Logan Fuses

This is what a blown fuse looks like (the jumper inside the holder, shown by the arrow, has blown and opened).

When replacing a fuse, use a spare fuse of the same rating (and color).

If there is any doubt about the integrity of the fuse, then you need to use a tester.

Spare fuses of different ratings are located on the reverse side of the cover of the mounting block.

The circuits protected by fuses (shown in the photo) are shown in Table 1.

Fuse-protected circuits

Fuse number - Color - Protected circuit

F1 (20 A) - Yellow - Windscreen wiper

F2 (5 A) - Beige - Instrument Cluster, ECU

F3(20A) - Yellow - Reversing lights, brake lights

F4 (10A) - Red - Airbag

F5 - Red - Same

F6 - Reserve - Place for installation of a security alarm

F7, F8 - Reserve - Trailer

F9 (10 A) - Red - Left headlight (low beam)

F10 (10 A) - Red - Right headlight (low beam)

F11 (10A) - Red - Left headlight (high beam)

F12 (10 A) - Red - Right headlight (high beam)

F13 (30 A) - Green - Rear power window

F14 (30A) - Green - Front electric glass

F15 (10 A) - Red - ABS

F16 (15 A) - Reserve - Heated seats

F17 (15A) - Blue - Horn

F18(10 A) - Red - Left Side Position Light

F19 (7.5A) - Red - Starboard position light

F20 (7.5 A) - Brown - Rear fog light

F21 (5A) - Beige - Heated exterior mirrors


F23 - Reserve - Place for installation of a security alarm

F24 F25 F26 F27 ─

F28 (15A) - Blue - Interior lighting

F29 (15 A) - Blue - General Power

F30 (20 A) - Yellow - Blocking body opening elements

F31 (15 A) - Blue - Fog lights

F32 (30 A) - Green - Heated rear window

F33 F34 F35

F36 (30 A) - Green - Heating (air conditioning) and interior ventilation system

F37 (5 A) - Beige - Power door mirrors

F38 (10 A) - Red - radio

F39 (30 A) - Green - Heating (air conditioning) and interior ventilation system

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