Rack and pinion steering with hydraulic booster

When fixing the steering bracket in a vise, place copper plates on the jaws of the vise, put a rag or similar material under it

The steering gear and tie rod components are shown in fig. 1.

Steering mechanism: 1 - hydraulic system pipeline; 2 - tie rod end; 3 - locknut; 4 - clamp of the protective cover; 5 - tape collar of the protective cover; 6 - protective cover; 7 - steering rod; 8 - washer; 9 - locknut; 10 - adjusting cover; 11 - rail stop spring; 12 - rail stop; 13 - bolt; 14 - gear shaft and housing; 15 - gear shaft; 16 - sealing ring; 17 - retaining ring; 18 - control valve; 19 - ring seal; 20 - gear shaft; 21 - valve body; 22 - upper bearing; 23 - stuffing box; 24 - return pipeline; 25 - valve body; 26 - holder; 27 - sealing ring; 28 - gasket; 29 - support ring; 30 - steering rack; 31 - ring seal; 32 - sealing ring; 33 - stuffing box; 34 - inner guide; 35 - steering gear housing; 36 - rubber support

Tie rod disassembly

Remove the parts in the order shown in Figure 1.

Spread the puck.

Removing the tie rod

Remove the tie rod (fig. 2)

Removing the locknut

Remove the locknut using the special tool (fig. 3)

Removing the adjustment cover

Remove the adjustment cap (fig. 4).

Disassembly of the gear shaft and housing

Removing the housing

Holding the pinion shaft as shown in Figure 5, remove the housing and pinion shaft.

NOTE: If the pinion shaft cannot be removed by hand, use a press.

Removing the pinion shaft

Push the gear shaft out of the valve body as shown in Figure 6

Removing the gear shaft retaining ring

Carefully remove the retaining ring, being careful not to damage the gear shaft

Disassembly of the upper bearing and oil seal

Removing the oil seal and upper bearing

Install the special tool as shown in Figure 8.

Using a press, remove the stuffing box and upper bearing without applying pressure to the edge of the valve body

Removing the holder body

Cut off the deformed area with a drill (Fig. 9)

Carefully remove the holder, being careful not to damage the U-grommet.

Disassemble the holder.

Disassembly of the inner guide oil seal

Install the special tools on the side of the valve.

Install the special tool on the gear housing.

Pressing out the oil seal and inner guide

Press out the oil seal and inner guide (fig. 10).

Pushing the rubber mount out of the steering box

Press the rubber support out of the steering gear housing using special tools and a press (fig. 11)