Put the car on a two-post lift

Disconnect the wires from the battery terminals, starting with the negative terminal

Remove the engine undertray.

Drain the gearbox oil. (see Oil change in Renault Megan 2 gearbox)


  • - wheel;
  • - mudguard;
  • - hub nut;
  • – tie rod end ball joint;
  • - ball joint of the anti-roll bar;
  • – suspension arm ball joint.


  • - a block of wires from the wheel speed sensor;
  • - wiring for xenon headlight range sensors (if fitted).
Intermediate Support Flange

Remove the intermediate support flange (fig. 1).

Removing the drive shaft

Remove the wheel drive shaft (fig. 2).

Oil seal replacement

Tap the gland on the base with a punch and a small hammer so that the gland turns in the socket.

Then remove it with pliers, being careful not to damage the side gear splines.


Pushing in the oil seal

Lubricate the new oil seal (fig. 3).

Press in the new oil seal using the tool (Bvi1666) (index A: for right side, index B: for left side).

Place the wheel drive shaft in front of the side gear.

Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

Torque tighten:

  • - wheel bolts (110 Nm);
  • - ball stud nut (62 Nm);
  • - Tie rod end ball joint pin nut (37 Nm);
  • - anti-roll bar ball joint pin nut (44 Nm);
  • - hub nut (280 Nm);
  • - the flange nut of the intermediate bearing of the wheel drive shaft (21 Nm);
  • - bolts for fastening the jet thrust to the engine (180 Nm);
  • - bolts for fastening the reactive thrust to the subframe (105 Nm).

Fill the gearbox with oil.

Connect the battery.