The input shaft oil seal is installed in a non-separable assembly of the clutch release bearing guide bushing together with the input shaft front bearing

The guide block is pressed into the clutch housing.

For pressing out and subsequent pressing of the guide sleeve block, special tools are required, therefore, in case of oil leakage through the input shaft seal, contact the service for its replacement.

The seal of the inner constant velocity joint (CV joint) of the left front wheel drive is installed in the dirt-proof cover of the CV joint.

In case of oil leakage through this stuffing box, remove the CV joint boot and replace the bearing assembly with the stuffing box.

The seals of the inner CV joint of the left front wheel drive and the shank of the differential side gear can be replaced without removing the gearbox from the vehicle, while it is necessary to drain the oil from the gearbox.

You will need: all the tools needed to remove the front wheel drive, as well as a screwdriver, hammer, mandrel.

Mount the vehicle on a pit or lift.

Replacing Renault Logan gearbox seals

To replace the right differential side gear shank oil seal, remove the right drive (see "Replacing Renault Logan Front Wheel Drives ).

Replacing Renault Logan gearbox seals

Remove the rubber o-ring from the side gear shank.

Replace a severely reduced, hardened or torn ring.

Replacing Renault Logan gearbox seals

Using a screwdriver, remove the oil seal from its socket in the gearbox housing.

It is quite difficult to pry the oil seal with a screwdriver through the gap between its edge and the side gear shank.

Since the oil seal cannot be reinstalled, it is possible to turn it in the socket with a hammer through the beard on one of the edges of the oil seal, deforming it so that the other edge protrudes beyond the edge of the socket in the gearbox housing.

Then grab the gland by the protruding edge with pliers and remove it from the socket.

Lubricate the seal lip with gear oil and press it with a mandrel of suitable diameter with the seal lip inside the box.

Install the stuffing box into the gearbox seat before pressing it in very carefully so as not to damage the working edge of the stuffing box with sharp splines of the side gear shank.

To protect the stuffing box from damage, before installing it, we recommend wrapping the splined end of the shank with a strip of tin or thick aluminum foil. You can also choose a thin-walled sleeve of a suitable diameter for this purpose.

Install the rubber O-ring onto the side gear shank.

Install the front wheel drive (see "Replacing Renault Logan Front Wheel Drives").

Fill the gearbox with oil.