Reducer with tubular adjustable valve Renault Megane 2

Due to its design, the tubular expansion valve is an element that cannot be replaced (fig. 1)

Tubular control valve: 1 valve

If the tubular expansion valve is defective, replace the piping connecting the condenser to the evaporator.



Put the car on a two-post lift.

Disconnect the wires from the battery terminals, starting with the negative terminal.


An automatic shut-off valve isolates the circuit from the atmosphere during dismantling, so there is no need to drain the refrigerant circuit.

Remove the front bumper.

Renault Megan 2 heating system reducer

Disconnect the wiring harness from the pressure sensor (fig. 2).

Remove the pressure sensor.

A three-functional pressure switch installed downstream of the condenser ensures the protection of the refrigeration circuit:

  • – the compressor power circuit opens when the pressure drops to: 2 bar,
  • – the compressor power circuit opens when the pressure rises to: 27 bar.

The sensor sends the injection computer the value of the refrigerant pressure in the refrigerant circuit.

The injection computer controls the electric fans of the engine cooling system depending on the high pressure in the refrigeration circuit and the speed of the vehicle.

Refrigerant pressure sensor


Install in reverse order.

Connect the battery and start programming.

Search for leaks.