Put the car on a two-post lift

Disconnect the wires from the battery terminals, starting with the negative terminal

Use a gas station to drain the refrigerant.

Replacing the Renault Megane 2 receiver dryer

Remove the front bumper and front body panel.

Removing the front bumper is described in the article How to remove and install the front bumper of a Renault Megan 2

The piping bolts to the dryer receiver

Remove the bolts securing the pipelines to the dryer receiver (Fig. 2).

Disconnect the pipes.

Insert plugs into all holes.

Remove the receiver dryer by lifting it up.

If aluminum or plastic particles are found in the inlet of the receiver, it means that the pump part of the compressor has collapsed.

Replacing only the receiver in this case will not give a positive result.

The compressor will need to be replaced and the system flushed.

When purchasing a new receiver-drier, make sure that the openings of the housing are tightly closed with technological plugs.

A receiver dryer that has been stored without plugs is unusable, even if it is brand new.

Open the technological plugs of the holes only immediately before installing the receiver-dryer.


Installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.

After replacing the dryer receiver, add 15 ml of the specified oil over the amount of oil collected.

Replace the gaskets.

Lubricate the ends of the piping with air-conditioning oil to make it easier to install.

Tighten the piping bolts (10 Nm).

Fill the refrigeration circuit with refrigerant using a filling station.

Check the operation of the air conditioning system with the electric fan running at maximum speed.

Search for leaks.